Community Garden

With summer in our rearview mirror, we're getting our hands dirty pulling out tomato plants, pepper plants, and all the other seasonal greens that have done their job for the year. This will be the Community Garden's first Autumn and Winter here at Creekside, and we're looking to experiment a little. The strawberry plants that gave us tiny sugary-sweet berries are going to be wintered over, and will hopefully wake up come Spring and Summer 2012. Now that we've got a successful growing season under our belts, I think we've convinced a few more of our tenants to join us in the Garden. This year the north side of our garden was shaded by towering sunflowers, and the beans and corn that grew in their shade were delicious and plentiful. We also enjoyed many different kinds of tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, peppers, beets, potatoes, corn, carrots, and a delicious medley of herbs. We survived cabbage worms, slugs, mold, and birds who were determined not to let us grow any corn. But we gave ourselves a mesh roof, and foiled all but the smartest of the bluejays.